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About Me

Hello, I am Heather Holliday

Writer, Editor, and Non-Profit Communications Consultant

I am an inquisitive, creative, results-driven communications professional. I creating messaging and branding that connects with audiences—and moves them to act. I have worked with a huge range of non-profit organizations, repeatedly increasing brand relevance, growing community engagement, and driving measurable growth.

A little more about me... I am a pragmatic idealist who feels compelled to make the world a more decent place. I like working with people who are authentic, humble, and honest. I love boogie boarding, roller skating, and air hockey; Barcelona is my favorite city; and I love snacks (fruit, nuts, and chocolate are my go-tos).

My Skills


Years Experience


Happy Clients


Stories Told


Times Watched "Grease" :-)


Do you struggle to connect with your audience? Are you frustrated your audience doesn’t take a next step? Get the help you need to connect with your audience, build trust, and move people to act.


Let's work together to tell stories, tailor your messages, and connect with your audiences (so they take engage with you and take a next step).

Content management

Let's work together to create valuable, relevant content with a consistent tone and style. And your messaging and graphics will stir your audience to get engaged.

Social media

Let's work together to celebrates your wins and your community on social media! You'll grow your audience and increase engaement.

Content Calendars

Let's work together to reach your audience most effectively. I'll help you create communications strategies and a calendar to regularly hit your main messages and audiences.


Let's work together to brainstorm ideas, come up with innovative ways to tell your stories, and then shape them into compelling content that resonates with your audiences.

Coaching and Teaching

Does your team need to elevate their communication and writing skills? With years of experience teaching and mentoring, I can help your staff build skills to effectively connect with your audiences.

Why choose Me

You get a true partner

I am a natural collaborator who works with you
to reach your goals.

You get a quick study

I am eternally curious—and can quickly grasp
and tell others what’s unique about your organization.

You get a translator

I know how turn a lot of information into
digestible, compelling content.

You meet your goals

I know how to get things done!

How Can I Help You?

Whether you know exactly what you need or you're not sure how a consultant can fit in with your team, it's no problem! Let's talk about your unique situation and I'll let you know what I can do for you—no obligation!



Here are a few easy ways to get started. Keep in mind that I can customize what I do to meet your needs. Reach out for a free consultation and we'll talk!



  • 30 minute call
  • discuss what's working
  • discuss what's not working
  • discuss your goals
  • Delivery: A defined plan with timeline for how you can reach your goals.

Ongoing Support


  • Discuss your goals
  • Determine whether you need ongoing writing, editing, or coaching.
  • Establish perameters for job, as well as a budget
  • Delivery: Ongoing writing, editing, or coaching, as determined by your needs.



  • Review home page + 3 additional website pages
  • Review 1 social media

  • Delivery: A document of what you are doing well, what can be improved, and actionable items you can take RIGHT NOW to improve your communication.

Robust Audit


  • Review home page + 5 additional website pages
  • Review 2 social media
  • Review 3 newsletters
  • Delivery: A document of what you are doing well, what can be improved, and actionable items you can take RIGHT NOW to improve your communication.

Let's talk!

Fill out the form below to connect with me. Or call me at (619) 795-2166. If you leave a message on a business day, I'll usually get back to you that same day.